“The point of the essay is to change things.” – Edward Tufte tweet

As an essayist and non-fiction writer I’ve written articles and reviews for journals, magazines, websites and newspapers and maintained a blog on this site since June 2001 (and in its current form since October 2004).

For just over ten years (from 1993 to 2004) I was an academic, writing in the areas of philosophy, religion, cultural and film studies and a well regarded speaker and lecturer.

My writing is now focussed on here and also over at The Society For Film, a podcast and review site I co-run with James Marsh.

Why Write A Blog?

If blogging was nothing more than the keeping of public diary, or journal, then I would have given up long ago. I believe blogging is just one small part of a much larger and more important revolution in how we promote and distribute our creative work.

On this site you will find nearly eight years of writing spread over more than sixteen hundred blogposts. For example, you might want to read one of my most well received recent pieces, 7 Kinds Of People You Need In Your Creative Universe or, if you want something more challenging, you can check out the article that helped land me the South China Morning Post writing gig, What Do People Really Think Of Stay At Home Dads – Or Why Women Are Using The Playground To Kill Feminism.

I’m always keen to hear from this site’s readers. So, please feel free to get in touch.