For a long time, most of my life in fact, I was clueless with a camera. As a child, I briefly had a Rolleiflex and by pure luck managed to take some decent photos with a borrowed Minolta camera while travelling in Africa in 1993 and 1995.

Then in mid 2009 I approached Hong Kong based professional Gary Tyson, for photography lessons and then everything changed. A little over a year later I had my first photo exhibition. Since then I’ve also taken portrait, editorial and corporate assignments and had images used in a range of magazines and online travel and news articles.

My photographic adventures have taken me to Australia, Cambodia, China, India, Malaysia, Mexico & Taiwan. I’ve also created a lot of images in my most recent home towns, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo.

If you like these images, or want to discuss any aspect of photography, feel free to get in touch.