It is quite common to hear and read rants about bloggers and online commentators, especially when it comes to free stuff and being paid to say good things about products and services.

I’ve been blogging since 2001 and this is just one of many debates I’ve seen in those years. That we hear this argument more and more just speaks to the power and popularity of blogs and the way they challenge established ways of publishing.

That said, in all my years of blogging (and the years before that when I had a “home page”), I’ve never put an ad on my site, or taken money to write a blogpost.

When I have been given something for free, like a review copy of a book, or free admission to a cooking class, I’ve done my best to make that clear in the post. If I am in such a situation, I always reserve the right to post a negative review, or simply post no review at all.

Reviews only represent a small percentage of the material on this site. When I do review products and services, they are typically things I’ve bought and paid for myself.

The main focus of this blog is my creative journey as a musician, photographer and writer. So, if you see me repeatedly writing about a brand, product or service you can know it’s something I actually like, not something I’ve been paid to endorse.