About Me


I am a musician, photographer and writer, based in Tokyo, though I’ve lived in a few other places as well (Santiago de Chile, Sydney, London, Delhi, Hong Kong and Singapore).

I started playing guitar live at the age of 16 and have had all sorts of roles in the music world, from performing, recording, arranging and composing, through hardware design, software testing, musical instrument sales and venue sound installation. Right now I am working on a solo album entitled You Can’t Deny What’s Inside.

In 2009, I started working as a professional photographer. My first exhibition was in 2010, featuring images from Ladakh in Northern India. My approach to photography will be featured in an upcoming book on HDR photography.

I also write, having penned a column on family, parenting and technology for The South China Morning Post along with articles and reviews for various print publications. I have kept a blog at this site, in one form or another, since 2001 and I also co-author a film review site called The Society For Film and podcast by the same name available on iTunes.

I love to see people make choices, work hard and create amazing things. We are lifted, not diminished, by other people’s success.

Although it might take me a little while to reply, you can reach me via the contact form on this site, or on Twitter (@fernandogros), or join my mailing list for news and updates.