“You’ve got to leave a little room in everything you do for an adventure to happen.”
Dave Pensado tweet

I love the word adventure. It’s a word pregnant with meaning, an active word suggesting risk, daring and of course, discovery. Adventures are, by their very nature, exciting stories just waiting to be told.

The word adventure comes from a Latin root which means “about to happen;”the same root from which we get the word Advent, the season of waiting that comes before Christmas.

We tend to think of adventure as something that happens out there, going up a mountain, at the end of a long road or on a lonely hike. But, I also like to think there are plenty of adventures available to us in our everyday lives, at work, at home or within a few miles of where we live.

The spirit of adventure is found the desire to try new things, take unfamiliar paths, bring a little risk and appetite for the unknown into our routines. Adventure is as much a state mind as anything else.

Having a solid workflow, a reliable way of doing things, an efficient set of practices is good. It makes life smoother and less stressful. But, it can also get stale pretty fast.

Being adventurous is a bit like being willing to improvise, to ask ourselves, what if we try something different here, maybe mix the elements or ingredients in a different way, or walk down a road we’ve never explored before?

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