Back In Adelaide

Bird In The Palms

This morning I flew into Adelaide, on the start of a short holiday. In some ways the flight from Singapore to Adelaide is too short, not long enough to catch a proper sleep on the plane, so as the day draws to a close I’m feeling shattered before the sun even sets.

I’ve had the chance to catch up with my family over lunch, before going out for a quick beachside bike ride. This afternoon I, rather unsuccessfully, chased a flock of birds around a local park, in a vain attempt to ward off the post-flight fatigue.

I’m looking forward to catching up on some sleep tonight, then enjoying a quiet few days to rest, think and have some fun. It’s shaping up to be a fascinating year, so I’m glad to be here, where the pace is gentle, the light is amazing and the natural surprises literally land on your doorstep.

Bird In The Trees


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