Deconstructing The Beatles

I’ve just stumbled on some YouTube gold that I’d like to share with you. These videos deconstruct some Beatles originals, allowing us to hear the individual parts in all their raw and passionate glory.

Apparently for Rock Band video game, the individual guitar, bass, drums and vocal stems were loaded into the programme. What we are hearing here on YouTube is drawn from that, so we don’t have parts for keys or other instruments.

Still, it’s a brilliant experience to listen to these. I recall years ago seeing a documentary with Sir George Martin, where he was playing back some original tapes in the Abbey Road studio. I remember feeling shocked when he pulled up the lead vocals on one track, it was just so raw and gritty.

You hear that all over these. Rough early uses of effects like delay (echo), really nasty fuzz guitars, the odd brittle falsetto in the harmonies and even John Lennon tapping his foot (or hand) to count himself back into vocal phrases.

And you hear the work that went into the tracks – fearless work.

Anyway, take a listen for yourself.

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Deconstructing Get Back

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